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Library Update September 2021

In May 2021, the MBLC (Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners) launched a pilot project to construct a new library building in a Massachusetts town of 2,000 or fewer residents. The Small Library Pilot Project will be new construction only – no renovation or addition projects will qualify. The goal is to build a new public library building that is functional, efficient, flexible, durable, and economical. The planning of the building will be a collaborative effort between the selected town and MBLC staff. The award for the Small Library Pilot Project will be 75% of eligible costs. Further definition of this funding formula can be found in 605 CMR 6.00. Planning and design will be guided by the Library Building Specialists with the library staff and community members. Environmental sustainability and using clean energy sources and resilience will be part of the planning process. Emphasis will be on the building’s energy and carbon use and the potential for the library to serve as a community facility in an emergency.

In June, the Otis Selectmen and the Otis Library Trustees submitted a letter of intent with the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program of the Board of Library Commissioners to apply for this competitive Small Library Pilot Project. Since that time, we have been busy collecting community input into the library vision that would fit the needs of the Otis Community. A library building plan will be developed. After many opportunities for community discussion and informational sessions a town meeting will be held by November to approve final application for this pilot project. While working on the library building plan, we invite you to give us your ideas and suggestions and priorities. As the role of a library has changed the design of a library also changes. Today’s library convenes groups to work on community projects, it holds events of community interests, and collects and maintains archives of local records. There may be needs for meeting spaces, and technological provisions for virtual and remote communication as well as social networking and messaging. In addition to areas for collections there may be needs for areas for creation. Help us to build a library building plan that fits Otis. Tell us your thoughts. For more information, please visit

In August, Susan Ebitz and her team held a Diversity Community Forum. During this session participants discussed types of diversity, where diversity is seen, and how do we deal with diversity. As we move toward being a more diverse community let’s look at diversity, and let’s help others look at diversity. We have books to expand our awareness, and books to give us different visions, and we have books to help us help younger children accept themselves and others. A book can be enlightening!

We are proud to announce a new Otis Library website,! We thank Kyle Hawley for developing this website. In August, Gail Gelburd exhibited her artwork, Color Your World: A Collage Exhibition. This exhibit is an illustration of world diversities and similarities. This exhibit continues through September. The library will sponsor Ty Allan Jackson author of children’s books and motivational speaker on August 26. Please watch for the details as arrangements become final. If you have any requests for exhibits or for events please contact us anytime.

Most important this month is the Annual Library Country Crafts Fair! If you are interested in becoming a vendor there is still time to register. The fair will be held Saturday, September 25 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm., with a rain date of Sunday, September 26th. There will be something for everyone: crafts, bake sale, refreshments, raffles, and a book sale. This library event is a true reflection of the Otis Community! We look forward to seeing you!

New Releases

  • Negotiating Our Economic Future: Trade, Technology & Diplomacy by Geoffrey Pigman*

  • Survival in the Wilderness by Steven Otfinoski*

  • 8 Secrets to Raising Successful Kids; Nurturing Character, Respect and a Winning Attitude by Kevin Leman

  • Last Best Hope: American in Crisis and Renewal by George Packer

  • Heroes For My Son by Brad Meltzer

  • I Am Rosa Parks by Brad Meltzer

  • The Cellist by Daniel Silva

  • Gone for Good by Harlan Coban

  • Vortex: An FBI Thriller by Catherine Coulter

  • Dead by Dawn by Paull Doiron**

* Local Author

** New Series


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