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Library Update June 2022

Let’s talk about reading!

Remember when you learned to read, and you loved it? Then you went to school and there was more learning and so much to do that reading became a chore and not a hobby or pastime. I will admit there were times that I chose a book for a book report based upon how many pages! I can remember in college skimming reading assignments and trying to bluff my way through. Then time went on. No more reading assignments and no reading as work or homework and suddenly reading became a choice and it became a better part of my life. Now, I have been watching others with their reading practices and I share the many aspects of reading.

As we traveled through this pandemic several practices to accommodate reading preferences emerged. You could come in, browse, and select reading materials. In addition to this normal practice many chose to pick up their selections curbside, by simply calling or emailing for arrangements. Avoiding contact with books and other items many have taken the electronic leap. Applications of Overdrive and Libby (CWMARS) can provide electronic books in both visual or auditory form from CWMARS, other regional and the Commonwealth Catalog. Several patrons who avoided this practice for years are now using these applications and they are delighted. Another electronic source for reading is membership into The Boston Public Library ( The BPL invites everyone to get an ecard. Audiobooks can also be procured from Amazon’s Audible app. While these applications will never replace the written books it is exciting to see many use these methods to read visually and auditorily.

There have been many reasons for reading. Many relax while reading. They look forward to the separate time after all their tasks are done so they can just sit and read a good book. Some read to escape the issues of today. Some are escaping the social economic pressures of today or some are just looking to avoid more personal stressors. After watching much TV many are tired of reruns, and they are looking for something new. There are many new items. Popular series by Jeff Carson, William Kent Krueger, and Louise Penny have been very popular lately, some will read them in order, others will skip around. The Harry Potter series is still very popular after all these years! Some readers are taking steps toward new authors. Patrons come into the library when they have just finished a book and now, they need another. It is wonderful that they always need to have a book. Just recently a patron came in to order a book. Someone who has not read a book in a long time, now for the last four weeks this patron has taken a book. A reader has evolved! Lastly, many patrons must have at least one book on hand because you never know when you may be in a no-electric space, and you need something to do. Then there are those who want to learn more about the present, the past, and the future through Nonfiction.

Reading has many reasons, and just as many forms. Most of all pick your item, choose your place, and enjoy!

New Books

22 Seconds James Patterson

Dream Town David Baldacci

The Hotel Nantucket Elin Hilderbrand

The Investigator John Sanford

The Paris Apartment Lucy Foley

It Ends With Us Colleen Hoover

Top Ebooks

The Lincoln Highway — Amor Towley

The Four Winds — Kristin Hannah

Apples Never Fall — Liane Moriarty

Top Audiobooks

The Last thing he told me — Laura Dave

The Alice Network — Kate Quinn

Malibu Rising Taylor — Jenkins Reid

Popular Series

This Tender Land — William Kent Krueger

Foreign Deceit — Jeff Carson

State of Terror — Louise Penny & Hillary Rodham Clinton



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