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Library Update April 2022

History Repeating

We have heard that history repeats itself. Look at what is repeating; a pandemic, a war, over 3 million refugees, inflation, and a global crisis. We are unable to address the forces that are shaping us. How can we create a path today that makes the results of these events different from those in the past?

Pandemics in the past were catastrophic. In 1918 the Spanish Flu pandemic took over three years to practice quarantine methods, and the development of a vaccine was long. Today we practiced quarantine, masks, and gloves and the quick development of vaccines and medicines helped us to address our pandemic better. We still need to be vigilant. We have changed the history.

The Ukraine War has brought us to review World War II. There has not been a country that has attacked another in such an aggression. Review Hitler’s attacks, with the Holocaust that annihilated millions and created thousands of refugees. Todaywe are mindful of the attacks of humans, and the unwarranted attacks that has created over 3 million refugees headed toward backtrails, and aboard trains and busses toward Poland and other countries. The fine line between helping Ukraine and not entering this war because we are part of NATO is creating dissention. Our perception of freedom, our sense of security and supremacy is affected. The atrocities are violations to humanity which causes distress. Our security is taken for granted. We are collecting food, water, clothes, and money and sending it to aid the refugees, these humanitarian efforts are desperately needed.

As the war prevails and sanctions are placed in Russia, our economy is affected. Sanctions on imports of oil and oil products have driven gas prices over $4.00 per gallon, and this has caused dissention regarding what to do about our oil supply. The economy was already suffering from inflation affected by the pandemic and the production shortage, and employment shortages. We are trying to use our economic strategies from the past.

The global warming effects created several weather conditions that have placed many areas in danger. Tornadoes, Fires, droughts, and flooding are events that we are facing more extensively and more frequently than before. Loss of land, and natural resources jeopardize our homes, recreational areas, and business entities. We must use our techniques and resources because when we are in a safe place we can thrive.

So, as we realize that history can repeat itself, we must chart a new path to avoid the same results. What must we do? Look to see how demanding moments and shattering seasons are piecesthat hold us together. Our hearts let us see more of ourselves.Slow down to be more present to what is happening around us. We need to practice gratitude and stop taking things for granted. Today as we look around, we realize we have taken our health, our freedom, our wealth and our homes for granted.

It is time for inner dialogue. We know that children, aging parents, and those around us are extensions of ourselves, our hearts outside of our bodies. We need to nurture ourselves, rely on our resilience and create the zest for life that often goes undone. Self-care comes last after all others; we need to move it to the forefront. You need to start where you are and remain open to moments to show yourself compassion. We must move forward to chart a new future.

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