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Library Update June 2021

“Communities get the libraries they deserve.” I heard this comment at an open zoom meeting of the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC). I remember it made me reflect on the relationship between the Otis library and the community. The community provides the library with the building and a portion of the cost for items, services, and programs. The library tries to be the community center for the town. It has been exciting to reopen the library. People are excited to come in, see the new books, DVD’s, and audiobooks. Most of all they are happy to share their stories and tell us how they have survived, what type of vaccine they received, and how their families and friends are doing. We work to get to know you, to develop your interests, to keep you connected to what is going on in town, to extending your world to the outside. The library is committed to serving the community.

The library will extend its present hours through the month of June; closed Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday, 11-5 Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday 9-1 pm. The library can serve you curbside, or you may come in to browse, use our technology, and get assistance from the librarians. As we reopen, we invite you to join us. Come in and get a library card if you do not have one or you can renew the card you have not used in a while. Come and visit us!

Renewed! The library has renewed the approximately 20 museum passes which will provide reduced or free admission. I thank the Otis Cultural Council for providing the funding to continue the pass to Magic Wings, the butterfly museum. For a complete listing and descriptions on new procedures please contact the library or visit the town website

Mark your calendars! We are back! The library’s annual summer craft fair will be September 25th with September 26th as a rain date. There will be plenty of opportunities for vendors or volunteers for this wonderful community event. If you are interested contact us at the library.

Our children’s Summer Reading Program focuses on the independent reading of works by a particular author. Children select books and brag tag incentives will be given when they have completed the reading. Reading prizes from the Massachusetts Library System will be awarded at the end of our summer program.

As we enter the era of technological busyness, the demand for connectivity sometimes outweighs the services. We have technology to serve you; you can search the internet, check your email, print, send faxes, and be creative. This year the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is providing a grant that will provide hotspots to rural libraries. Also, the library is purchasing a new IPAD and a Chromebook for demonstrations on how to use this technology. We can show you how to use LIBBY the eBook application for CWMARS, accessing ZOOM programs and using technology for remote and virtual applications. Perhaps you have been nurturing interests and talents during this time of quarantine. We would love to offer you the opportunity to share with others in the community.

The Otis community is growing and changing. New people are moving in, second homeowners have decided to settle here full time, so the population is changing. New groups with diverse interests are developing. Because some interests reflect those of a larger community, we are extending the boundaries. The historic commission and other town groups have started new projects and developments such as the one Room Schoolhouse, the St Paul Project, recreation areas, turbines, and cell towers. Our changing community needs to get the library it deserves. We are working on it, please help us grow and develop. Let us know what you need.


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